Antelope Valley

Day 33 · 28/05 · 16.8 miles

More windmills. It never ends. We knew Coppertone would be at Willow Springs road, a good 8 miles in. We just hoped he would be awake by the time we got there. He was, so we got to enjoy our 3rd Root Beer float this trail. Most likely also our last as we will be ahead of him when he moves to his next stop on Sunday.

A lot of hikers seem to hitch to Tehachapi from this highway crossing, skipping 8 miles of the trail - Boo! We walked the 8 miles and got a hitch at the highway 58 overpass into town. It wouldn't feel right to skip a part of the trail just to get a ride into town a few hours sooner. Even if it's 8 miles of windmills.

We checked in at the Fairfield Inn Marriott and started our chores. Not as fancy as the Marriott in Ghent, but it does have a small swimming pool and hot tub, which is actually hot compared to the one at the Acton KOA.In the evening we went out to eat pizza - American pizza that is. You don't find any quattro staggione here - after which we had some beers in our hotel room while doing pack shakedowns. Telling eachother what we should get rid off because it's useless or too heavy. I carry some duplicate toiletries as I have a small Swiss army knife and my powerbank is way too big. Bedtime near real people's midnight. For sure the latest to go to bed on trail.