Day 34 · 29/05 · 8.6 miles

Continental breakfast included! Apart from the bagels, pretty much what you would expect in a European hotel.Resupply at K-mart afterwards where we ran into Hans and Yoan - steampunk. They're joining us for Thai food in a few hours. I didn't need a big resupply as I still had a lot of snacks left from the trip to Walmart. Meaning I carried a lot of extra weight from Hiker Heaven to Tehachapi. It's hard to do a good estimation of how much you'll eat in the next stretch.After lunch at Thaihachapi - great name, someone needs toopen a bakery next door called Tehachapie - we switched hotels. I'm hiking out in the evening with Kevin and Phillip, the others stay one more night to get all their Sierra planning done so we could drop our bags them until we head out. It was great hiking with them these past few days. Looking forward to seeing them again a week from now at Kennedy Meadows.Before getting our ride back to the trailhead, we exchanged music albums. Each time we hit a resupply town we give eachother a Spotify album to download to listen to by the time we hit the next town. I made a small Roxette playlist as nobody here seems to know them :o

We hiked a few hours into the evening, on the right side of the mountains this time to witness a beautiful sunset on one side and a big red full moon on the other. It never gets old. I felt great and really enjoyed this climb.This is the last stretch of the desert section. 136 miles to Kennedy Meadows.