A thousand water caches

Day 36 · 31/05 · 26.6 miles

I don't get this desert. Yesterday we took a 7 hour break midday due to the heat, this morning it was freezing cold.After roughly 6 miles, we refill at the last natural source for the next 40 miles.

Normally you don't want to rely on water caches maintained by volunteers, as you often don't know when it was last refilled or how many hikers have passed since. But there aren't much other options in this stretch.

A few miles before the first cache we dropped below the treeline. That means sand, low bushes and the occasional Joshua tree. And of course no shade. At the cache everybody desperately tried to find or create some. I set up the rainfly of my tent. After a few hours though I grew tired of waiting and hiked out around 16h. Great umbrella hike! At least I now was able to set up camp before the sun went down.We passed mile 621.37 today, or as scientists say 1000.0 km. Even though reaching Kennedy Meadows is what's on my mind, having walked 1000 kilometers through "the desert" also feels great!I'm often amazed at how different the scenery is within one day. And today was no exception. The images below were all taken today on trail.