Walker Pass

Day 37 · 01/06 · 27.8 miles

Day 3 of 6 on our way to KM. First climb in the morning was tough due to the sand. Like walking on the beach, uphill, with a backpack. When we got to the first water cache about 7 miles in, it was still freezing cold. My hands were so numb I couldn't even get my backpack open. I know I quickly get cold hands, but this is ridiculous. No point in taking a break here, so I filled up 4L with some help and moved on.Soon the sun made it over the mountains and we went from too cold to too hot. I took my umbrella out and decided to try make it to the Walker Pass campground as soon as possible, roughly 20 miles after the water cache.On the way down, I had my first view of the snowy peaks of the high Sierras in the far distance. Strange to think we'll be walking along those peaks less than a week from now.

When Phillip and I made it to the campground by 15h30, our timing again was impeccable. A hiker turned trail angel was there with pizza, fresh strawberries and lots of soda. She is taking a few zeroes in Ridgecrest and decided to do some trail magic. How wonderful!

More and more hikers poured in during the afternoon. One of them being Bones who had his birthday. And as the campground is next to a road, he managed to find a ride into town for some beer to celebrate. Great evening. Going to bed after 22h. By far the latest on trail. Even when in town for a resupply you end up in bed much sooner.The night sky was unbelievable. By far the most stars I ever saw. Sad the night sky is so notoriously bad in Belgium, with hardly any stars. Looking forward to look up at night in the high Sierras and Yosemite. Should be even better.And so ends another day on trail.