Sleeping in

Day 38 · 02/06 · 21.5 miles

After the party last night, we slept late. At least late given our normal hiking schedule. We head out by 6h30 starting with an 8 mile climb in direct sunlight. That's why you get up at 4.

Halfway up I found a nice shady spot along the 3 miles on the mountain with cell service. So I sat down for an hour to update my blog. The rest of the day consisted of more climbing, passing the 1/4 marker during the second climb.

It really started to get hot so we all took a long break before starting the third climb of the day. We being Kevin, Phillip, me and some members of the fox trail family - more on trail names and families soon. It's always nice to do some actual hiking with people you kinda know and always run into in towns and on trail.The third climb early evening was miserable. The first two I felt great. Never hiked so fast up and down mountains. The terrain for the third was annoying. Loose rocks, no consistency in steepness and still too much sun. We ended up camping just below the top.27 miles to KM!