Tent practice

Day 4 · 29/04 · 19.0 miles

Hiked out with Kevin this morning around 6h30. Like yesterday it seemed pretty cool and very windy.By 13h30 we reached mile 68.4, our target for the day. We're right in the valley with only underbush so hardly any shade to be found. We put up our tents anyway.

When Larry Bird arrived an hour later though I decided to hike on a few more miles. So while she made the 2.2 mile trip off trail to get some water, I broke down my tent, ready to put in a few more miles.Hike on until the first available camping spot at least somewhat out of the wind.Didn't feel like putting up my tent a second time in one day but there was a slight chance of rain so decided to meet halfway and only put up the rainfly.Only a 6 mile hike to free pie and ice cream tomorrow!