Desert ex

Day 40 · 04/06 · 4.2 miles

After 39 full days, we ended the desert section this morning. Even though the real Kennedy Meadows general store looks a bit different from the one in Wild, and you do a mile of roadwalking to get there instead of coming out of a more romantic forest, the hikers hanging out on the porch do applaud you for making it there.

It was still early morning, yet we almost immediately got a ride from the general store to Bear Grumpy. I picked up my bear canister and new shoes. Four pairs should get me to Canada.

We hung out a bit, mostly eating and doing laundry, and got a ride back to the general store. Turns out Giggles, Roadrunner and Autopilot made it to Kennedy Meadows only a few hours after us despite staying another night at Tehachapi. The rest of the day was spent drinking some beers and playing extreme Uno aka resting. I never want to play regular Uno again! Tomorrow we take a zero to celebrate my birthday and do some Sierra planning.