Happy Kennedy Meadows

Day 41 · 05/06 · 0.0 miles

A zero on my birthday at Kennedy Meadows - which happens to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the completion of the pct, June 5th 1993.The past two days here were great. Being able to celebrate my birthday at one of the more iconic pct stops, right before entering the high Sierras, with the friends I made hiking through 702 miles of desert is everything one can wish for.

After idling most of the morning, we went to the river in the afternoon with some beers and the birthday cakes I bought at Tehachapi and carried through 136 miles of desert. Enjoy the little things! Perfect afternoon, even though my shoulders got a nice sunburn.Not much Sierra planning was done today but I don't feel bad about it. We played some more extreme Uno and just hung out talking. I guess there still is Lone Pine to work it out..