Trail Pass to Lone Pine

Day 43 · 07/06 · 17.2 miles

After Larry Bird at Hikertown and Giggles and friends yesterday, this morning I had to say goodbye to Kevin, with whom I've been hiking since day 3. I'm sure we'll meet again.

Phillip and I take the sidetrail to the Horseshoe Meadow hiker parking to find a hitch into Lone Pine, while Kevin hikes on and resupplies through Kearsarge Pass. Originally we planned on getting here tomorrow morning, but as you mostly depend on day-hikers to get a ride, we felt getting there in the afternoon would yield better chances. It didn't take too long before we got a ride from a San Diego resident who drove up for a day of fishing and birdwatching.

We both sent a resupply box here after our Hiker Heaven Walmart adventure and Phillip is meeting up with a friend.I picked up my box at the Lone Pine post office and spent most of the afternoon staring at all the food spread out on my motel bed. This bear can filling is not going to happen today. Need to plan out my days first.