Lone Pine zero

Day 44 · 08/06 · 0.0 miles

So I spent most of yesterday figuring out my Sierra plan up till Tuolumne just under 200 miles ahead. I plan to get to VVR - Vermillion Valley Resort - in 9 days, including summitting Mt. Whitney at night to witness the sunrise and then 4 more days to Tuolumne. Not really sure what conditions to expect after Whitney and Forester Pass - the highest point on trail, just over 4000m - so I hope I can stick to the required average of 18 miles a day after Whitney to make it to VVR before running out of food. I am looking forward though to 9 days straight in the high mountains. Most of them on my own. It will be interesting and challenging.From Lone Pine on, you are required to carry a bear canister and fitting all that food inside was quite the challenge. Luckily I played a lot of Tetris when I was younger. Crush 8 packets of ramen noodles and put it all in one ziplock bag, same with packs of mashed potatoes. Some Starburst and McDonalds ketchup packs to fill the remaining holes after stacking all my bars, cookies and snickers.

After doing laundry this morning and finally buying gloves(!), we got a message from Giggles. Her altitude sickness didn't get any better and she got down the mountain into Lone Pine. And even though it is really nice to see her again, I wish she wasn't struggling with the altitude this much as most of the next 200 miles are around and above 11000 feet.I ate too much at the Chinese lunch buffet but the fortune cookie was spot on.

I also drank too much soda at McDonalds. $1, free refills. About 800 kCalories. Getting ready to hike again tomorrow. 9 days of food, a bear canister and microspikes added to my backpack. Heavy!