Chicken Spring lake

Day 45 · 09/06 · 4.9 miles

Saturday morning seems like a good time to find a hitch up the mountain as there should be plenty of day- and weekend-hikers driving up. Giggles and I got a ride about 40 minutes in, Phillip and his friend Laura soon after.We idled around at the Horseshoe Meadow parking for a while, hiking out early afternoon. Giggles stayed at the parking lot to spend the night, hoping to get used to the altitude. It sucked hiking on without her.My original plan was doing half the distance to the Crabtree Ranger station - at the base of Mt. Whitney - today and half of it tomorrow, but 5 miles in there is a nice mountain lake, so we'll camp there and do 16 tomorrow.I pitched my tent with the front facing the lake. Sun is about to set as I am typing this. It's likely to be a cold night, right next to a lake at 11220 feet - 3420 meters altitude.