Forester Pass

Day 48 · 12/06 · 19.0 miles

Main attraction of today is Forester Pass, the first of 7 mountain passes to go over and the highest point on the pct - 4023m. Ever since the Sierras, I'm waking up at 5h. That's one hour less with frozen hands each morning. Getting to the top of the pass was a challenge. Even though we have a very low snow year, there were quite a few patches of snow to cross. Definitely did not always follow the pct. Postholing and pathfinding.At the top I took a break, waiting for Phillip and Laura to glissade down. Most fun thing so far, starting at over 4000m! Would walk 779.5 miles again for that glissade.

The next part involved a lot of postholing. I got some minor cuts and scratches on both legs from suddenly sinking in the snow, well beyond knee deep. You want to do mountain passes as early as possible when all the snow is still frozen solid.

Halfway down the pass we had lunch break and I said goodbye to Phillip and Laura. At the last junction to Kearsarge Pass, I halted for a minute. One more step on the pct and I will officially have left all my hiking friends behind. And with no cell service for at least another week, it won't be easy to keep track of where everybody is..