Pinchot and Mather Pass

Day 50 · 14/06 · 19.6 miles

Despite my perfect planning, I went over two mountain passes today as they were only 11 miles apart. Summary of today..Wake up at 4h and go over Pinchot Pass. I felt quite alone in this desolate landscape of rocks and snow patches.

Next up river crossings. A lot bigger than those of the previous days. Small creeks you can often rock hop across or find a log. The bigger ones like today you just walk through. The earlier in the morning the better, as less melted snow will feed these streams. Lunchbreak somewhere between 10 and 11 on a remote planet while drying my shoes and socks.

Going up Mather Pass wasn't too bad. Going down was pretty sketchy. First time I used my microspikes. Most of the time you just tried to go down over rocks and postholing through snow in some general direction, as you had no idea where the actual trail was.

See some beautiful scenery in the valley- still well over 3000m - on the way to a spot to camp.

Set up tent with a stunning view and hang out with an inflatable Brontosaurus, waiting for the sun to set. 16.2 miles to the top of Muir Pass. Will see tomorrow if I go over in the afternoon or have a very long day after, trying to get close to Selden Pass. Mountain passes definitely make it harder to plan your day as you can't just do a set amount of miles.