Muir Pass

Day 51 · 15/06 · 21.6 miles

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks - John MuirMy alarm - Starman by David Bowie - went off at 5h. I changed it to 6 as I made up my mind not to go over Muir Pass today.First half of the morning seemed like one big river crossing. Mud, water and worst of all mosquitoes. Kodus to them for still finding empty spots on my legs.

The second half I kept debating whether I should do the pass anyway or not. If not it will be 25 miles tomorrow to get close to the next pass, on top of going over this one. I should have gotten up at 4 or 5. Definitely not 6.

Almost at my planned camping spot, I ran into Silver Fox and Sparkles, taking their lunch break. They were set on going over today. I decided to do the same as it was still fairly early and it would make the next two days much easier. I took a very late lunchbreak around 13h, about 2 miles from the top of the pass. 15 miles is considered a full day in the Sierras. I already did over 14 so far and planned on going over a mountain pass as soon as I finished my shrimp noodles. One of the more questionable decisions on this trip.

Almost 3 hours of rock climbing and postholing - and a mere 1.7 miles - later I was at the top of the pass with Silver Fox and Sparkles. So here we are, 16h in the afternoon, on top of the most snow-covered pass of all. What happened to going over passes early morning.

Sparkles took the lead in postholing miles and miles down the mountain. I finally set up camp after 13 hours of hiking at Evolution Lake. If I ever get kids, I will sit by the fireplace and tell them about the day I postholed over Muir Pass.