You shall not Pass

Day 52 · 16/06 · 20.3 miles

!!Turns out there really is no cell service in the Sierras apart from the top of Whitney where it was too cold to do anything but a quick Instagram. As I don't want to spam your email, this is the last new post, day 52. The first is June 5th, day 41.

Definitely a bit sore today and not fully recovered from our little expedition. At least today was managable and tomorrow will be easy, thanks to yesterday Sander.River crossings are little puzzles. How to get across without getting your feet wet.Some puzzles are easy to solve, others are impossible.

Rest of the day was uneventful, setting up camp at another beautiful lake, just below Selden Pass. According to Guthook - the trail app we all use - there is about a mile of trail tomorrow with cell service..