Selden Pass

Day 53 · 17/06 · 14.6 miles

At just below 11000ft Selden Pass is the baby brother of all previous passes, who all hover around 12000. There hardly was any snow making the crossing much easier.

Then there was Bear Creek, a notoriously dangerous river crossing. I got there very early though before snow starts to melt and feeds the river. Still, knee deep and a strong current. Don't try to rush it. As soon as I made it across, the sun was gone. Too early to hit this side of the mountain. I comforted myself with a Snickers. Of course in the next mile there were two more similar crossings. Should have checked the map first. Running low on Snickers. After the 3rd crossing, my feet really hurt from wading through the freezing water. Still not much sun though and the best way to get dry is keep walking. About an hour later the sun was high enough and I got to a trail portion with AT&T cell service.I sat down on a big flat rock, relieved to finally take off my wet shoes and socks. Just sitting there, feeling the sun on my feet while enjoying the view is all you need to forget the previous discomfort. It became a 3 hour long lunchbreak uploading the past 11 days of my blog.

In the afternoon, I took the VVR side trail until the ferry landing. I set up my tent instead of taking the 16h45 ferry. I'll hike in tomorrow morning for breakfast. Turns out there is also cell service where I pitched my tent. I chatted a bit and registered for some Lindy events. It felt strange though to be connected again with the real world as hikers call it. Of course, one could argue that the world out here is much more real than our Western civilization..