Vermillion Valley Resort

Day 54 · 18/06 · 2.4 miles

I had one Nature Valley bar left this morning - and a tuna packet I'm saving for Silver Pass - to make it to breakfast 5 miles down the lake. I thought a lot about food the last few days so definitely getting some more daily bars and snacks for the next stretch. Just buying 1.5 days of food at VVR though as I'm heading to Mammoth Lakes for a more decent resupply instead of heading directly to Tuolumne as I first intended.

Today is also some sort of rest day, even though I'm hiking about 12 off trail miles to get in and out of VVR, allowing my friends who went down Kearsarge Pass to catch up.I got there a bit after 8h. Great breakfast, charge my devices - yesterday was the first time I was happy to carry a 20k powerbank - and get resupplies to get to Mammoth Lakes. Do some planning and order lunch. Nice bonus was the satellite tv. No cell service, no WiFi, but I did watch Belgium and England play while stocking up on calories both times.