Silver Pass

Day 55 · 19/06 · 25.5 miles

My hiker hunger is real now. I can eat all the time and when not eating I'm thinking about the next cheeseburger, soda and icecream. I ate most snacks I got at VVR that very evening.

On top of Silver Pass, I met Bandylegs and soon after Driver and the Boyscouts. They all plan on making it to Red's Meadow for dinner and given my current relationship with food, my plan of camping 5 miles out and hiking in for breakfast soon went out the window.I plan on taking one or two zeroes here, hoping Roadrunner and Autopilot catch up as they flip north from here to hike with family. I also expect to see Kevin - Download - any day now. Giggles unfortunately went back down to Lone Pine and took a ride to Bishop from there to meet her friends again. She went back to England after. Sad to see her go :(

Right before Red's you pass through an area where, in 2011, a sonic burst - 24h of continuous winds of over 200mph - blew through the valley knocking over most trees. A pretty strange and scary sight.I got to the Meadow late afternoon with Driver. Pitch our tent and get a cheeseburger. And then get another cheeseburger. I guess well deserved after a 25.5 mile - 41km - day through the Sierras.At mile 900 I tried taking a selfie. Please don't judge me. It took a few minutes of Driver giving me directions on how to turn. Won't try again.