Mammoth Lakes

Day 56 · 20/06 · 0.0 miles

Took the first bus to Mammoth Lakes - an upscale ski resort - with the Boyscouts this morning. A second bus to get from the ski lifts to the village center and finally a trolley that makes a loop around town, making it rather easy to get around even though the town is rather spread out.

First stop, breakfast burrito at the Latin Market. My first real burrito ever(?)Next stop Vons to resupply. 6 days to make it to Bridgeport. Not sure what went wrong but somehow I ended up with over 40.000 calories of food. Will figure this out later.

When we took the bus at Red's, Driver and Bandylegs were finishing their breakfast to hit the trail again. Except, Photon and Cool Runnings showed up right after and everybody ended up in the Mammoth Lakes vortex. To name a few and give you an idea about trail names, we met up with Dinoman, Moonguy, Photon, Sunny, Cool Runnings, Bandylegs, Buns, Little bites, Mayo, Catchup, Driver and last but not least Download - formerly known as Kevin. Reunited and back on trail together sometime tomorrow.Late afternoon, the Boyscouts and I took the bus back to Red's. I pitched my tent there to save some money. Free camping plus an $8 bus ride vs $44 for the hostel in Mammoth.I sat down watching the Boyscouts trying to solve their food vs bear can puzzle when I got a message from Roadrunner that she and Autopilot are coming in this evening! Apparently they are doing the exact same 25.5 mile day as I did yesterday.