Rainbow Falls

Day 57 · 21/06 · 1.9 miles

After breakfast with Roadrunner and Autopilot - they showed up yesterday evening just as the Boyscouts were done packing - we made a small sidetrip to rainbow falls before taking the bus to Mammoth.

We met up with Download and after lunch and another trip to Vons, Roadrunner and Autopilot could check in to their hostel room and I could start sorting out my food situation. It was already late afternoon at this point and I started to doubt if Download and I would make it back to the trail today.I portioned 6 days of food into my bear can. They will send the rest to Bridgeport for me when they head to the post office tomorrow morning. Thanks!Before heading back to Red's, I swapped sleeping pads with Roadrunner. Looking forward to blowing up a NeoAir the next few weeks.Apparently the bike bus back to the ski lifts doesn't run after 18h but we soon got a hitch from a local fireman, making it back well in time to catch the last shuttle at 19h to Red's Meadow.We waited until 20h hoping Phillip and Laura would show up. Alas they didn't and Download and I hiked out on a side trail towards Devils Postpile - hexagonal shaped columns of rocks.