John Muir Trail

Day 58 · 22/06 · 15.6 miles

After Devils Postpile we followed the JMT - John Muir Trail - instead of the pct for about 14 miles. The scenery is supposedly more beautiful, passing several mountain lakes, while the hike has a bit more elevation.It was not a good morning. It actually was a pretty bad morning. It usually takes me a few miles of stumbling along before I get into my daily groove. Today everything went wrong well before that. First I scratched my leg open when stepping over a log, next I rushed a river crossing by not really checking if my foot was firmly planted before making the next step - rookie mistake. About 30 seconds after the image below, I found myself and my backpack submerged for the most part. Not great at 6h in the morning when the sun isn't over the mountains yet. I switched to some dry - sleeping - clothes and we hiked on. Just.. not on the right trail as we found out some 30 minutes later.

All this right in the heart of the mosquito empire. Stop for one second and they swarm you by the dozens. Mosquitoes are everywhere in the Sierras, but now things are really getting out of control. The afternoon, when everything was dry again was already much better, with great views along the lakes. And as they say; a bad day on trail is still much better than a good day in the real world.