Sick on trail

Day 59 · 23/06 · 16.4 miles

Unless you are actually sick. Then a bad day on trail is just as bad as a bad day in the real world. If not worse.I didn't get any sleep, feeling pain in my chest and stomach all night. My alarm was set for 4h30 but I didn't get up till after 6h. I felt incredibly feeble with no appetite at all. Unfortunately you don't have many options in the mountains. This is going to be a long day. Closest point resembling civilization - don't expect WiFi or cell service - is Tuolumne Meadows 16 miles ahead.

The first 3.5 miles to the top of Donohue Pass went by slowly. Finally at the top, I got a nausea pill from another hiker and I forced myself to eat a bar as I hadn't eaten anything so far. I just wanted to lay down and sleep, feeling incredibly tired. We took a long break. Long enough for Phillip and Laura to catch us. As there was some cell service, Laura entered the Half Dome lottery hoping to get permits to hike up the mountain on her birthday the 25th. Fingers crossed.

Soon after we headed out. A ranger checked our permits and we continued down. Phillip, Laura and Download went ahead as I was moving slowly, very slowly. When I finally made it to their lunch spot, they had hot Ramen waiting for me. They're the best! Even though I had no appetite at all, I again forced myself to eat as it was still over 9 miles to Tuolumne and I felt exhausted. I felt exhausted before my first step this morning.

Those 9 miles, with no elevation at all, took me over 6 hours to complete. Time went by slowly. The miles even slower. I couldn't walk more than half a mile before needing a rest. I just didn't have the strength. I made it to the Tuolumne campground well past 19h, just in time to get some Coke and an icecream from the shop. It may or may not help against my stomach but at least it will lift my spirit. If I don't feel better tomorrow I'll have to find a ride into town to see a doctor. This was one of my hardest days ever.