10 by 10

Day 6 · 01/05 · 20.9 miles

I don't think any of slept even the tiniest bit last night. Rain was drizzling down every now and then and we had a serious windstorm. I spent most of the night turning my daily notes into blogs to have less work in Warner Springs two days from now.

Little after 6 in the morning we were on the move again. Yesterday I felt like the fellowship of the ring trying to conquer the mountain with some evil wizard throwing guests of wind at us. Today we just tried to get away from the ridge doen to the valley below as quickly as possible,which haphazardly led to our first 10 by 10 - covering 10 miles before 10 in the morning.

A pretty uneventful day, passing the first 100 mile of the trail. Tomorrow we head to Warner Springs to get some rest, wash and resupply.