Yosemite Valley

Day 60 · 24/06 · 0.0 miles

I feel a lot better already today. Stomach definitely still somewhat upset, but at least my strength is back for the most part. Breakfast will be the real test but I am optimistic.Laura uses the payphone to check the lottery as this determines our plans for the next day(s). Turns out we got our Half Dome permits! We have breakfast - I have no problem eating it all and my stomach doesn't protest too much - and take the bus to the Yosemite Valley, where we arrive just after noon. The place reminds me of Disneyland. At least the lodging does. Mass tourism at its best but for good reason. The landscape and rock formations are spectacular.

We pitch our tents at the North Pines campground and spend the rest of the afternoon visiting the museum - the Indian history in the valley.

And visitors center - geological info on the formation of the valley itself.