Back on trail

Day 62 · 26/06 · 15.9 miles

Around 8 we took the bus back to Tuolumne at Curry - Half Dome - village. With a hot chocolate from their fancy dining place.

After a quick check at the post office to get Phillips resupply package and lunch, we head back to the pct. Back to mosquito hell. Still, it's nice to be on trail again after a two day break.

It is now Tuesday afternoon. We have roughly 74 miles - and a 30 mile hitch - to cover before Friday 16h, when the Bridgeport post office closes for the weekend. Shouldn't be a problem.

A tough climb at the end of the day, but as they say, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" and they put on some music. Good thing I made that best of Eurovision<\i> playlist when I had service in Yosemite Valley. Who wouldn't hike a few extra miles encouraged by Bucks Fizz.