Sonora Pass

Day 65 · 29/06 · 15.4 miles

The last big mountain pass. Or at least the last pass I heard of when researching the pct. It signals the end of the high Sierras and the end of bear country.Whereas the previous two days were mainly about shortening the distance to Bridgeport, this morning was all about hiking the pct again. Every mile of trail leading up to Sonora Pass was as stunning as the previous. And quite different from what we had seen so far. Climb up on some desolate switchbacks then stay at high altitude for miles on end. Also a lot more snow than expected on both sides of the pass.

I felt great. This is why I'm out here. I hiked the 14 miles to the trailhead without taking a break. Only stop every once in a while to enjoy the views and shoot some pictures.At the trailhead Download was meeting up with some friends to give a ride to Bridgeport. It should take at least another hour before they'd get there though, so Phillip and I decided to try get a hitch before that. 5 minutes later, we were sitting in the back of a pickup with 4 other hikers and a local on our way to Bridgeport.In town, lunch and pick up my excess food Roadrunner sent here from Mammoth. Top it up at the expensive local general store. Download didn't get here yet and Phillip was still expecting a package from FedEx so we lingered around the library and post office the rest of the afternoon.

A bit after 16h the post office was closing, but by that time Bill the postman was our new best friend, offering to give us a ride back to the trailhead once he closed up the post office. Download also showed up in the nick of time, getting his packages, only to get a ride back out of Bridgeport right away.On trail we hiked about a mile further before setting up camp for the night.:bonus: Photon sent me the group photo we took on June 20th at the Mammoth Lakes brewery.