Showers Lake

Day 67 · 01/07 · 28.6 miles

Even though we are not near the halfway point at mile 1325 yet, I am close to halfway my trip as far as days go. After the Sierra and especially in Oregon, people tend to do more miles. The terrain becomes a bit easier, less towns to lose track of time and by now your body is a hiking machine. I hope to finish first half of September which would leave me a few weeks of rest to sort things out and get used to Western society again, before heading back to work.Anyhow, when I passed by an open spot on a ridge today with nice open view across a lake, I randomly checked for cell service. Seemed like a good candidate. I was right. 4G so I got an update on where Phillip and Download are.

I got to Carson Pass at 16h30. In contrast to yesterday, this center actually does close at 17h. The very friendly workers handed me a soda and orange. And also a pct sticker and anniversary card to all the hikers present soon after. More memorabilia! I took some rest and made noodles at the picnic benches. 5.3 more miles to the lake. Just like yesterday, the early evening hiking between five and eight was very pleasant. The sun slowly starts to set, not too hot, a nice breeze. Both evenings walking through a meadow with wide open views.

Finally, after putting up my tent near Showers Lake, another five star meal on trail. Beef Ramen noodles with tuna and ketchup. With a soda from the Carson Pass visitors center.

Tomorrow North California planning in South Lake Tahoe.