Day 68 · 02/07 · 8.9 miles

Given the previous two days, it was only a short hike to the trailhead. Two Swiss guys had set up some trail magic there, including some beers and Jack Daniels. I was in no rush to get a hitch as Phillip and Download were still an undetermined amount of miles back, so I just relaxed there chatting and enjoying the beer. Halfway my beer though Bob - Grateful dad - showed up with his van. Surely if a ride presents itself, I'll take it. I don't think I have introduced him yet, but I did ran into him on several previous occasions. Bob's daughter is hiking the pct and he bought a van to follow her along the trail while helping out hikers. And as he wears a Grareful Dead t-shirt, he soon got his name Grateful Dad. He also keeps a basket of paint and markers in his van so hikers can sign it. I did when we got back to the Horseshoe Meadow trailhead after Lone Pine.

My first stop in South Lake Tahoe was the McDonalds to stock up on ketchup packs. Worst McDonalds ever. Very poorly designed. Everything in the way of every other thing. Did eventually end up with a soda some cheeseburgers and ketchup though.Soon after, I met with my friends at Base Camp Pizza as they offer a free meal to pct hikers. I got a Spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs. Been craving spaghetti for weeks. Delicious but hard to finish as I came straight from McDo.But I did finish it and we were ready to cross the state line to check in to the Hard Rock hotel and casino in Nevada.

South Lake Tahoe is right on the state border between California and Nevada and a few large casinos pop up on the other side. Once checked in, I took my first real shower since Lone Pine, day 44 - not counting the 5 minutes without shampoo in Red's Meadow.After Tacos for dinner, we picked up our empty backpacks at the hotel to carry our resupply and went to Raley's for some grocery shopping. How to spot if a store is used by hikers for resupply? No more Snickers. At least Ben & Jerry's was on sale. We left the supermarket just before midnight.