Shipping boxes

Day 69 · 03/07 · 0.0 miles

First order of business this morning is the post office. Phillip and I grab an Uber there with all our boxes. Turns out it only opens at 10. We get there a bit after 9. Great start of the day. An hour later though, all our boxes are ready to be sent. 6 days of food to Caribou crossroads, 6 to Castella snd my bear can. I couldn't get a hold of the Stehekin post office, so for now my bear can - filled with gear I don't need anymore, some food, my pct memorabilia and a small bottle of Jack Daniels to celebrate at the Northern terminus - will go to Ashland.

After our trip to the post office, we left the hotel and went back to Raley's, the supermarket to have a late breakfast in there dining corner. I just got a hot coco while watching the world cup - Col-Eng.Around five we headed to Harrah's for their dinner buffet at the top floor. It was great. A few slices of pizza to start, four more plates of main course, mixing Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and American food, followed by a few rounds of desserts. I may or may not have eaten too much.

On our way out, we played some electronic roulette putting mathematics to the test. Download and I turned out mutual bankroll of $15 into $20. Pay attention in math class!

It was getting late and we still needed to get back to the trailhead, so we walked to the road and put our thumbs out. The sun was already setting so we only wanted to try for about 10 minutes before ordering an Uber to take us up. It didn't take long though before a nice gentleman drove us up the mountain back to the trail.At the trailhead Coppertone - remember him? - greeted us and showed us some camping spots. Ready to hit the trail again tomorrow!