Warner Springs

Day 7 · 02/05 · 7.2 miles

Woke up fairly early to hike the 7.2 miles, past the famous eagle rock to Warner Springs and breakfast. It did not disappoint. It's a rock. It looks like an eagle. My first nearo - a day in which you hike close to zero trail miles.

I arrived together with Eric, who has been leapfrogging with us for the past couple days. Soon after Larry Bird also arrived. Let's get breakfast at the Warner Springs Ranch Resort golf club.We had barely left the community center they set up for hikers when a man offered to take us there in the back of his bright red vintage pickup truck.Another splendid breakfast, pick up a few beers at the gas station next door and back to the community center.

Most of the afternoon was spent turning notes into blogs. For dinner went to get a burger at the school fundraiser across the street. Afterwards some chatting and beers with other pct hikers. And ate my first poptart. Given the amount of photos taken of this event, I can only assume poptarts are famous over here.