Lakes lakes lakes

Day 70 · 04/07 · 24.4 miles

We started the day at Coppertone's camper. A bit early for a rootbeer float, but a nice cookie and banana - fresh fruit is scarce on trail - is a great start of the day. For a small section, the pct follows the Tahoe Rim Trail. Walking along a ridge we passed lake after lake.

The views were stunning, especially Dicks Lake. The trail itself was a bit worse. Little and big rocks were littered across, making it hard to get a steady pace. We crossed a lot of day-hikers doing the Rim trail in the opposite direction, all wishing me a happy 4th.

Mosquitoes are back with a vengeance the last few miles of the day. We end up camping amongst the trees, so no July 4th fireworks to see. Still happy to be out on the trail instead of stuck in a touristic town on this day though.