Granite Chief Wilderness

Day 71 · 05/07 · 31.5 miles

The first 14 miles flew by. At the second Granite wilderness sign, I found the note Roadrunner left there at the start of their small southbound section over a week ago. The little perks of trail life. All day there were big fields of flowers to walk through along the trail.

My plan for today is to get to a campspot 31.5 miles ahead which might have fell service so I can sleep late and stream Belgium-Brazil from my tent, even though I'm not 100% sure of the starting hour.The middle part I walked through some ski resorts. The note mentioned to take my time and enjoy the views so every now and then, I stopped to gaze over the valley below while listening to the Game of Thrones soundtrack.

At the end of the day, there was a 3 mile fairly steep climb up Tinker Knob. I really need to learn to check the elevation profile more often. This is not what you want to be doing 29 miles in. I slowly made it past the Knob and put up my tent near the only trees available at one of the most windy spots on trail so far. And of course, without any cell service. Maybe I'll get to Truckee fast enough in the morning. Still, finally sitting in your tent enjoying another episode of tuna ramen is heaven.After dinner I got back out of my sleeping bag - something you try to avoid at all cost before the next morning - to brush my teeth and as the sun was setting I decided to go for a little walk and shoot some sunset photos.