Day 72 · 06/07 · 8.9 miles

I slept a little late as it was only 9 miles to the trailhead. When I got there, I didn't know if I needed to hitch to the left or right to get into Truckee. Luckily, there were a lot of day-hikers and the first woman I asked turned out to be a Truckee resident, out for a morning walk with her dog. She offered me a ride into town.

I went for a peach-strawberry-orange smoothie instead of the usual hiker breakfast. The Wild Cherries coffee house had the Belgium game on which was just about to start. During halftime I moved to McDonalds for an early lunch and to wait for Phillip and Download. Unfortunately no tv here. As I was sitting there, eating some $1 cheeseburgers, Larry Bird and Loic popped in for a quick bite before getting a ride back to the trailhead.Around noon, my two companions also popped in before heading to the Indian buffet next door. I was still under the impression Roadrunner and Autopilot would get here tomorrow but Phillip told me they'd get here late afternoon today. I decided to go resupply shopping after lunch in case they'd want to get back on trail today.

We all decided to meet up at the Old Town Tap in well the old part of town as they offer a free beer and ice cream to pct hikers. Roadrunner and Autopilot's bus from Mammoth was running late but they made it just in time before the post office closed. We had our ice cream and walked to the campground at the edge of town where Download was meeting up with some Santa Cruz friends. Great to be reunited and looking forward to hiking out tomorrow morning!