Day 73 · 07/07 · 31.4 miles

Roadrunner, Autopilot and I woke up at 6 at the Truckee campground, packed up and said goodbye to Phillip and Download. They would stay until late afternoon to do some more chores and hang out with the Santa Cruz friends.We walked to the highway, hoping for a fast hitch to the trailhead even though it was still quite early. It only took three cars before an ultrarunner pulled over and took us up on its way for his morning mountain run.We passed by a really cool cabin. Grubbs hut. It seemed like a great place to hang out in the winter.

Roadrunner has a friend coming to Sierra City hiking south to meet us. We figure she'll probably do about 12 miles after driving here, meaning we need to do 30 if we want to meet up today. It worked out perfectly. Early evening, just over 30 miles into the day, we cross Emily trotting along the trail southbound. It's great when things work out as intended.

As we are having dinner in front of our tents, Driver, Photon and Cool Runnings walk by. Yet again I was sure they were well ahead of us as they left South Lake Tahoe when we were heading to the Harrah's buffet.