Sierra city hot springs

Day 74 · 08/07 · 10.7 miles

A few miles before we got to Emily's car at the trailhead, we went for a river swim. It was pretty darn cold, but refreshing.A short drive to Sierra City later, we were having lunch at the Red Moose. We picked up some final resupplies and a milkshake and were of to the Sierraville hot springs.

The guy at the check in gave us the week rate and free towels instead of the weekend price. Pct hiker discount. We put up our tents and go for some showers cold and hot soaking in the pools. Clothing optional, but it doesn't seem like any of the guests considers clothes as an option.

After a very relaxing afternoon, we made spaghetti which we ate outside on the porch, overlooking the valley and its cows. We played some Codename over a beer before checking out the Meditation pool near the campsite. Which turned out great! Sitting in a natural hot spring while watching the countless stars and Milky Way, with locals warning us about all the dangerous animals on trail in the background. We stay until midnight before heading to bed.