Goodbye and hello

Day 76 · 10/07 · 33.9 miles

In the early morning we said goodbye to Emily. It was sad to see her go. Or well, she watched the three of us leave before she hiked south back to her car. Still sad. It was great to be part of her mini adventure though, or the other way round, it was great to have her in our big adventure. Little side trips like this shape the bigger journey to Canada. Thanks Emily, pro hiker!

Roadrunner soon found her rhythm and the miles flew by. At lunchtime, 20 miles in, we caught up to Download taking a break with Photon and Cool Runnings. Water is a lot more scarce again and we need to plan a bit more using the water report. The Sierra only had a snow report as there was water at every other switchback. When filling up a bit later, we also caught up to Phillip taking a break.We ended up doing quite a few miles and camped on a dirt road. There were fallen trees and branches on both sides along the road so we should be fine.

Tomorrow a bit more elevation awaits, but so far, it doesn't seem to slow them down. I just try to keep up all day ;) We want to get somewhat close to Caribou Crossroads, 43.2 miles ahead so we can have a relaxing day there.Ps, what your feet and legs look like just one day of hiking after showers and hot springs. Also you get sock tan lines from hiking 700 miles through a desert.