Caribou crossroads

Day 78 · 12/07 · 17.3 miles

Short morning hike downhill to Belden. We hike on roadwalking to Caribou Crossroads though, picking blackberries along the way. There were quite a few hikers having breakfast at Belden, so we were very pleased to be close to the oy ones at the Crossroads. One of the best and most relaxing breakfasts on trail so far, including a supreme milkshake!

After, I picked up my resupply box and we sat in the shade to sort out food, while laundry is on its way.

By now, more hikers and familiar faces show up. Phillip - now Twocan - , Download, Photon, Cool Runnings, Jonbo, Day-glo, Dinoman, Driver, ..We hang out at the river waiting out the heat before hiking out again late afternoon. There is a big climb out of Belden and we plan on doing part of it today. A nice lady shuttles all of us back to Belden so we don't need to do the 2 mile roadwalk back.