Mikes place

Day 8 · 03/05 · 17.8 miles

Slept late. Which means I woke up at 7h. Ditched some food I didn't like in the hikerbox, took some oatmeal out of it and bought some extra snacks. Whatever food I take with me here, needs to keep me fed till Idyllwild at mile 179.4.When I went to pick up my charging phone, Larry Bird was sitting there staring at her foot. It's giving her trouble and she wasn't sure if she'd do any hiking today. It felt bad hiking on without her.We heard a rumour about pizza at trail angel Mike so that's where we headed today.

I arrived together with Ray Ray. First talked to him at the end of day one at Lake Morena. At first I didn't really catch his story. I was exhausted from the 20 mile hike hauling lots of water and just wanted to finish my cheeseburger. Turns out he's a great guy. He wants to do a thru-hike when he retires in a few years and is doing a section now to get a feel of what it's like.Back to Mike. Mixed feelings about the place. Water and a place to sleep are nice. The pizza and taco were excellent, but the place is in shambles and the hosts - not Mike himself - didn't come across as hiker friendly. With little effort this place could turn into an amazing stop for hikers. Big plus when both Kevin and Larry Bird arrived late afternoon.