Drakesbad Guest Ranch

Day 80 · 14/07 · 16.2 miles

Around 5h40 in the morning it started to rain. So much for sleeping in. I put my raingear on and got out of my tent to put the rainfly on.

Try to get some more rest - didn't work - before getting up to hike some miles to a geyser, which wasn'treally a geyser but still lots of steam going up. While having our lunchbreak watching the steam spout into the air, a friendly couple handed us some tangerines.

We got to Drakesbad early afternoon, hoping for some hot springs and a nice meal due to their special offer for hikers. Well that didn't happen. Some hiker individuals yesterday didn't care too much about the resort rules, taking towels without asking while smoking weed all over, prompting management to decide to skip the shower and hot springs deal for hikers. Officially they stated they couldn't deal with the wastewater.Later in the afternoon more familiar faces popped in. We all still had dinner together there but without dessert, shower or hot springs while still paying the same amount, it didn't feel great.