JJ Subway Cave

Day 81 · 15/07 · 30.0 miles

We left the campsite at our usual hour. Plan for the day is get to JJ's cafe before 17h for early dinner, soda and beer. And icecream. It's about 27 miles - 43.5 km - to get there so shouldn't be a problem.Halfway through the morning, we passed Lower Twin Lake where we took a little break and swim.Afterwards the hardest part of the day, 12 miles to the next water source and our lunchbreak spot. Water stretches aren't as bad as the desert, but after spending weeks in the mountains where you had water at every switchback, you don't want to go back to carrying more than 2 liters.When we got there, we were joined by Keglegs, Driver, Photon and Cool Runnings. The rest of the day should be easy and nicely divided.

JJ's cafe was a great stop. Super friendly and great food. I got a beer, triple Dr. Pepper refills and the standard cheeseburger but with a caesar salad instead of fried on the side. First time on trail I actually try to be healthy. I even skipped getting a milkshake at the gas station when hiking back out. Enough sugar from the Dr. Pepper.Right after we had a little excursion through Subway Cave. No sandwiches, just a cave formed by lava a long long time ago.

Final stop for the day, Hat Creek Overlook. A parking lot with outlook over Mount Shasta in the distance. Excellent camping spot.