Burney Mountain Guest Ranch

Day 82 · 16/07 · 29.7 miles

Last stretch to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch. Looking forward to it. Turned out to be a hard stretch. The afternoon was extremely hot with temperatures around 95F. The scenery looked like the Serengeti, expecting a lion to jump out of the dry grass at any time. Apparently, NoCal is sometimes called the second desert. Certainly seems so in certain parts.

We passed the 1400 mile marker almost to the minute one week after getting back to the trail in Sierra City. 204.2 miles - 328.6 km - of trail in one week. Pretty decent.

We got to the ranch at dinner time. Unfortunately no free icecream thanks to the dairy lobby requiring you to have an expensive permit if you want to hand out homemade icecream to hikers :(This place is super nice though. Home cooked food, small store, swimming pool and all the regular hiker amenities. All on a honor system. You just keep tally of everything you get or use on a sheet and pay when you leave.

Tomorrow temperature will crawl towards 100F so we might stay a little longer, waiting out the afternoon heat. Just need to keep in mind that the Castella post office 92 miles ahead closes at 15h on Friday.