Burney Falls

Day 83 · 17/07 · 9.3 miles

This place is so nice. Very well organized, has everything hikers need. While lingering at the pool, Mango a hiker from Sydney, tells me she hiked through the desert with Sander from Ghent, Belgium. I already knew there was another Sander on trail as I came across his name in the trail register at the Carson Pass visitors center - day 67 -, where he passed just a day before me. Quite coincidental there is another Belgian with the same name from the same town on trail.Anyhow, I spent most of the morning alternating between the common room blogging and the swimming pool.

Larry Bird and Loic showed up later in the afternoon as we were finally packing up to head out. 16h and still way too hot to hike but the post office awaits.

10 miles in, we took a side path to see the Burney Falls. Quick stop at the store for some beer and icecream then off to find the hiker biker spot on this campground as we had decided at this point to call it a day. Rather well hidden campsite, following a dirt path between two boat trailers. By the time we finally had our tents up and finished dinner, it was too dark to go see the falls. We were too tired as well anyway and getting up at 3h30 tomorrow hoping to get a decent amount of miles in before it gets too hot.