Castella Post office

Day 86 · 20/07 · 19.8 miles

Passing the 1500 mile marker clearly wasn't today's priority. "my feet hurt", "I just want to finish my snack", "I don't need a 1500 picture".

Walking along the road to Castella we passed an apple tree and a lot of blackberries. Delicious.

Time to pick up my resupply box. Or not. The nice lady at the post office is unable to find it and tracking says it was in Castella and now in transit to Redding.. for the past 10 days. Strange.Silver Fox then walks in and shows us a video that Sparkles made of a beginning forest fire, right on the trail after Burney where we passed just a day ago. Third time we are just ahead of a forest fire. There were fires near Hiker Heaven and Mammoth Lakes before.The lady from the post office wants to help me out to get resupplies and offers to give us a ride to Grocery Outlet in Weed after she closes for the day at 15h. Sounds awesome, so we grab a Turkey sandwich from the store and find a shady spot to wait for the post office to close.Grocery Outlet. Wow. Best store so far. Great choice, great prices. Walmart has some serious competition. As per usual, we overbought.Due to a road construction traffic jam on the other lane, Paula wasn't really eager to drive us back to Castella. Instead she took us to her home and called her husband to make some more spaghetti. It was delicious, including fresh vegetables from their garden. She then did our laundry while we took turns taking a shower. This day has taken an unexpected turn for the best. To experience such hospitality and kindness really restores your faith in humanity.

The evening was mostly spent watching the news trying to get more info on the forest fires before and after Ashland. There are several trail closures and the air is very unhealthy to breathe.