Trail family magic

Day 87 · 21/07 · 17.2 miles

We slept on the floor/couch in the living room. Charles, Paula's husband, made us pancakes with fresh blackberry compote. After we finished breakfast and our morning coffee, it was time to head back to Castella.At the post office we met up with Twocan and his dad. He drove here to meet his son and do some trail magic. When Twocan picked up his resupply box, they also found mine - I used Phillip's US address in the from field which it got sorted by. I asked to bounce the box to Crater Lake. One resupply less to worry about. Great!A short hike back to the trail where Twocan's dad set up his trail magic spot. As we sat there enjoying a burrito and a beer, more and more hikers arrived, most of them being from the fox family. On top Larry Bird and Loic showed up, as well as Download. It became one big reunion and as a result we hiked out much later than planned. It's a long climb out of the valley and we hoped to at least get to the top today.Halfway the climb, we took one of the better dinner breaks so far. Hotdogs with grapes and fresh vegetables from Charles's garden with a nice view on Castle Crags.

We set up camp in a spot supposedly with a great view on Mount Shasta, but as it's well past 22h and quite hazy with smoke from forest fires, it's hard to tell. I pitch my tent hoping for a nice sunrise.