Muir Woods

Day 9 · 04/05 · 18.1 miles

As I don't like making detours to fill up on water, I decided to take 4L, hoping it would get me to mile 145 before running out. I hiked the first 10 miles with Kevin,getting great insight into the American school system - and vice versa.At mile 10 he went to fetch water and I hiked on. When I arrived at mile 145, Eric was already there, chilling in the shade at one of the picnic tables.Mile 145 - Muir Woods - is really a place of marvel. The trail passes through a corner of trail angel Mary's property, who turned it into an amazing little oasis for hikers, including an actual toilet and small library. And postcards!

After some rest, Eric hikes on to Paradise Valley cafe to get the best burger on trail. I decide to linger here, waiting for Kevin and Larry Bird. I'm sure Paradise breakfast will also be great! I browse through the books in the library and soon find a magazine covering some useful topics. Soon after, Ray Ray pops up, followed by both Larry Bird and Kevin. Make some noodles and hiker bedtime. 19h in the evening.