Hiker Hut

Day 91 · 25/07 · 20.4 miles

We bike to breakfast at Bob's Ranch before we do some minor resupplying.

The trail between Seiad Valley and Ashland still has a closure and the official detour is across old logging roads, through unhealthy smoke. We opted to take the bus to Ashland once we make it to Seiad Valley in a few days. I hate to skip trail but fire closures and current fires make it difficult to keep a continuous footpath to Canada. We do also stop by the hardware store to get a gas mask.

We're back on the trail around noon ready to start the long climb out of the valley. The bus to Ashland leaves at 8h23 in the morning on Friday so we have some work to do, it being Wednesday today.Our dinner is again quite good according to trail standards. Sandwiches with tuna, salami, tomato and avocado. Yes please.