Day 92 · 26/07 · 32.1 miles

Our campsite laat night was a highway for deer going down to the water. Deer passing out tents all night long. At least they just walked by and seemed uninterested in our tents.

All morning we had interesting views as we made our descent towards Seiad Valley. Unfortunately mostly due to a dark wall of smoke from one of the many forest fires hanging over the valley.

We decide to push it lightly to our lunchspot 22 miles in. And for good reason. A beautiful spot at the first bridge over Grider Creek. We dunk ourselves in the river before starting lunch. A very welcome refreshment. For lunch we ate the remainder of yesterday's buns and salami together with the cheese we forgot about.Only 7.5 more miles to a campground with pit toilets. I like pit toilets. When we get there, we decide to already do part of the roadwalk into Seiad Valley. The trail is littered with berries on both sides of this dirt road. We progress slowly, gathering and eating lots of blackberries. We've been walking past berries of all sorts for a major part of the day. Black, blue, raspberries and even tiny strawberries.

We end up camping next to the road.