Ashland chores

Day 96 · 30/07 · 0.0 miles

A sober but decent continental breakfast at our motel to start this busy day. We walk over to the laundromat and get out our notebooks and cellphones to start planning the rest of the trip foodwise all the way to Canada.I need two boxes with 6 days of food to send to Skykomish and White Pass, two boxes with 3 days to Cascade Locks and Stehekin, one shared box with 2 days for Timberline Lodge and buy 4 days to hike out of Ashland. Which means I need to buy a whopping 24 days of food this afternoon.

Resupplying is hard!I still have 6 days in the box that got bounced to Crater Lake and we'll head into Sisters where I'll get another 5 days. Totals about 35 days of food which should cover almost everything for the rest of the trip.We head over to the Indian restaurant for their lunch buffet and pass by the post office on the way back to get empty flat rate boxes. We also run into the boyscouts, Download, Twocan and a whole bunch of other foxes, who all just got to Ashland.We drop the empty boxes in our hotel room and hop on the bus to Medford for a visit to REI, Grocery Outlet and Walmart.

First stop, REI. I explain my tent zipper problem but as the Fly Creek UL2 isn't made anymore, they can't replace it. Instead I pick a new tent from the store and only pay for the price difference with my old tent, which I bought during sales. My new tent is a Nemo Hornet. Still just 2 pounds for a 2 person tent. I did forget to buy a NeoAir sleeping pad as I'm still using Roadrunner's. Need to get one before Canada.A short Uber ride to Grocery Outlet and the difficult task of resupplying can start.

From there we walk to Walmart for the last part of our resupply trip to Medford. Across the three of us, we end up with over 50 days of food. Another Uber back to our hotel and the real fun can start. Packing boxes. I'll be a happy hiker when I leave the post office tomorrow.We grab some Mexican food across the parking lot and start making boxes.