Ashland relax

Day 97 · 31/07 · 0.0 miles

Yesterday was exhausting, doing so much planning. We spend most of the morning lying on our beds doing nothing and writing the occasional post. Eventually we manage to convince ourselves there are still things to be done. We grab a taxi with all our boxes to the post office. I also need to bounce my bear can from this post office to Stehekin, a few days out of the Canadian border. It only takes a few minutes and all boxes see shipped. Hope we got all the addresses right.

On the way back, we pass by the outfitter to exchange our Darn Tough socks. Lifetime waranty is nice.Finally getting all your chores done is too. We pour ourselves a White Russian and do nothing once more for a little while. Early evening we take some city bikes to cycle to bar trivia. The bike app doesn't work flawlessly though and by the time we all have a bike and make it to the pub, it's packed and trivia has already started. So instead we hang out at a brewery with Mousetrap and Pez.