Horse camp

Day 98 · 01/08 · 26.7 miles

While having our last Ashland breakfast, Roadrunner asks for a ride on the Oregon trail angel facebook page. Less than an hour later, we are on our way back to Callahan's Lodge.Smoke is really bad on trail. Most appears to be coming from the huge Carr fire near Redding and Shasta. Breathing the smoke is bad and exhausting, walking with a mask on is exhausting and hot. It does make a big difference though in what you are breathing and I try to at least put it on when going uphill.

Early evening Roadrunner spots a mountain lion. I may or may not have seen it. I saw something move but don't really know what a mountain lion looks like.After our lastbreak the day finally got a bit better. And our camp spot - a horse camp - had picnic tables. On the way here, I asked myself what I would like more.. pit toilet or picnic table. The questions that keep you up at night.